4411 Medical Parkway | Austin, TX 78756
(512) 328-8950

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Our Approach

Our way of working with each person is the synthesis of multiple approaches with an appreciation that no part of the body functions in isolation. This more global or holistic perspective allows us to get to the underlying reason for why an injury is there. Once the primary issues in the body have been identified, we use manual therapy and exercise to bring the body back into balance.

What is exciting about this—beyond helping a chronic injury to finally heal —is watching people get their lives back and seeing that their quality of life is better than it ever was before.

We are committed to helping people to be pain free and to achieve more than they thought they could. We also want people to know and experience that their bodies can actually improve and feel better as they age. We want to dispel the myth that aging has to be painful and limiting—because it doesn’t. We have patients all the time say that they had no idea they could feel so good. So how do we make this happen?

We have learned that if we deeply listen to our patients and their bodies, they have the answers regarding what they need to heal. While we bring all of our years and education to the table, what really makes the difference is acknowledging and honoring the wisdom that inherently lies within our patients. Our job is to ask the right questions, be very thorough in our evaluation, and choose the right treatment approach, and essentially access the wisdom of the body that is available to us . The science of what we do  involves (1) identifying the contributing factors causing an injury or pain syndrome,  (2) discerning how and in what order to address these findings,  (3) providing precise and necessary care to facilitate healing.  In this process, we  help individuals discover what is possible for them to achieve and it often exceeds their expectations.   The art is being able to listen and know exactly what someone needs in each moment to regain pain free movement and strength as quickly as possible.  While many people may have the same injury or surgery, they each have their own unique nervous systems, skeletal alignment and movement patterns based on their genetics, past injuries, personalities and life experiences. Therefore, no two people are ever treated the same in our clinic.

On the surface, what we see is how the body has adapted to everything that it has experienced. When we treat the adaptations, we provide temporary relief. When we go deeper into the system to determine the root of the problem, this is where lasting and even transformational change and healing happen.

Our deep listening and attention to detail that I am speaking of starts from the moment someone comes in. We look at their gait and movement patterns, as well as their alignment, and we listen to what they say and how they say what they say. Every patient also gets thorough muscle testing to discern power and strength as well as the brain’s ability to recruit each division of a given muscle. This can reveal why a chronic hamstring injury (with six divisions) or tendonitis somewhere else in the body will not heal. Once alignment is sound and all the muscles are working well we work on movement reeducation and muscle firing patterns. This is what makes our treatments hold and helps people feel better than they did before they became injured or in pain.

What is really amazing to witness is that when our patients’ structure and alignment improve, their bodies get more efficient in how they move, and their perspective on how they see and relate to the world shifts. They have access to more vitality, strength, and power in their bodies which supports them on an emotional level and ultimately supports their being in all it’s dimensions. We are honored and privileged to witness and be a part of the growth and enhancement of our patients’ lives.

The level of attention to detail and appreciation the body’s interrelatedness is what allows us to achieve quick results and to help people who have been everywhere else to find answers about why they are in pain and to enable them to return to doing what they love.

We invite you to experience this new dimension in physical therapy!


Dr. John Bandy Testimonial“I confidently refer patients to Rebecca. Not only is she the best physical therapist I have experienced, she also has incredible enthusiasm, studies rigorously, and is always searching to learn more. Most importantly, she always radiates love.” – Dr. John Bandy


This is an opportunity for physical therapists who are seeking mentorship to advance their skills in the art and science of physical therapy. It is a match therapists for who are already excellent clinicians but are hungry to grow and stretch beyond what they currently know and have been exposed to.  It is also a match for therapists who would like the opportunity to treat patients in a fee for service facility where they are completely free to put all of their focus and energy into patient care.

Meet our Previous Apprentices

Kim Sterrett

Kim Sterrett Physical Therapy ApprenticeKim Sterrett, PT, LMT, graduated from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City, Missouri and has been practicing Physical Therapy for 24 years. She has enjoyed working a variety of therapeutic settings including Orthopedic/Sports Medicine, Post-surgical, and Geriatric care. In 2006, Kim achieved a license in Massage Therapy and advanced training in Craniosacral Therapy along with other energy based modalities. She started Awakenings Massage, LLC, a private massage practice in Kansas City, Missouri, where she worked until September of 2009. In her search to expand her knowledge of rehabilitation techniques and biomechanics, Kim moved to Austin, TX and discovered New Dimensions Physical Therapy and it’s owner, Rebecca Kern Steiner.

“I have had the incredible privilege to enter into an apprenticeship program with New Dimensions Physical Therapy. During this time, I have worked side-by-side with Rebecca Kern Steiner to learn an approach to physical therapy and the human system that has enhanced my skills beyond any training I have been exposed in my 24-year professional career. The experience has expanded my mind in understanding how profoundly the musculoskeletal system is interrelated and how to apply my evaluation and treatment techniques to a biomechanics perspective. Rebecca’s knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, muscle testing, and the body’s ability to process through physical and emotional challenges is beyond compare. I’ve learned skills in assessing and retraining subtle muscle recruitment patterns in functional and athletic activities that make a significant difference in the efficiency and accuracy of body movement patterns. Rebecca has spent years researching, understanding, and educating on the biomechanics of the foot and ankle and has developed a method of orthotic evaluation and design customized to individual needs. My observational and manual skills have grown significantly, allowing me to see way beyond a patient’s primary symptom or pain issue to discover the cause of imbalance and stress. I now have tools to help people reach goals faster and improve their function beyond what they were able to achieve in other PT settings. I am more confident and competent  working across a broad spectrum of  patients, ranging from those with common functional  challenges to individuals with more specific and intense issues often faced by high-level athletes. This approach to the whole person assists all patients in reaching goals and becoming balanced, strong, functional and confident in their lives, activities and sports. Documentation of findings and treatment as well as constant reevaluation and assessment of the body at each visit is a strong focus of Rebecca’s practice and she teaches this with patience and consistent examples. Overall my experience at New Dimensions has been priceless in my life journey. I have been blessed to work with such a knowledgeable, caring individual and her staff and I’m excited to carry on this knowledge into my future life and Physical Therapy practice.” – Kim Sterrett PT, LMT

Laura K. Wilson

Laura K. Wilson Physical Therapy ApprenticeLaura K. Wilson, PT, DPT, CEAS, CWT graduated from Iowa State University in Ames, IA with a BS in Psychology in 1992. She graduated with an MS in Physical Therapy from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines, IA in 1999 and later returned to complete her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2004. She is a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist from the Back School of Atlanta and is a Certified Weight Trainer through the International Weightlifting Association. She is also an advanced level practitioner of the Barnes method of Myofascial Release.

“When I first came to New Dimensions, I was a good PT already, with lots of great skills and techniques.  I was capped out at my previous employment; I felt uninspired, unchallenged and stagnant.  I chose to step into the river flowing from Rebecca.  I knew I would be placing myself on the bottom rung of a new ladder, yet was content to learn and grow in a new way.

There were many new skills to learn with Rebecca, from detailed movement analysis to clinical kinesiology, which in and of itself is an ongoing development.  Then there was foot and lower extremity mechanics and orthotics.  I never had an appreciation for how much the foot impacts the whole until I experienced the need for orthotics myself.  Not only did they relieve the low back, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain that I acquired when I began sprint workouts, but they allowed my pelvic floor muscles to release in a way that all the pelvic floor work in the world could not achieve long-term.  Orthotics expanded my pelvic floor practice — who knew that would happen?!

Personally, I was extremely intimidated by Rebecca’s prowess as a PT.  I’d never encountered someone so much like myself, yet running at high octane levels.  My own fears and performance mentally were shaken to the core; eventually crumbling.  Sweet Rebecca, the whole time, gave me space to have the fears, the competitive spirit, the jealousy, and the worries of not being good enough.  She patiently waited, when necessary, stepped in with advice for treatment or a hug or encouragement.  She always knew the right mix.  She is a true mother, full of love and grace.  She leaks the goodness of God over everyone.  You simply need to be in her presence for but a moment to understand on a cellular level, who this special woman is.

To anyone who seeks to step into her nest, you will learn fabulous techniques, skills, and details within details.  However, you will learn far greater things about yourself, your values, identity as a person and your place in the world as a healer, not just a PT.  If you seek it, you will find it here.  Pursue after it, and it will chase you down.  While I am sad to leave, I know that an eaglet has a season in the nest before it must leave to exercise the new wing span and strength it has gained while in the protection of the Eagle.  I feel so prepared to take on anything.   I’ve been shown what is possible; now, I am ready to fly and create a new nest in Colorado.” – Laura Wilson DPT


New Dimensions Physical Therapy was founded in 1995 by Kimber Cavendish, MS, PT, and Vicki Faust, MBA, CPA. The clinic filled a need in Austin by offering patients a continuum of care that bridged the gap from rehabilitating an injury to achieving a full return to sports and prior activities. This quickly evolved into helping patients with chronic pain who, rather than having fitness goals, desired to live simply without pain. Additionally, the clinic sought to raise the standard of care by offering one-on-one sessions with leading physical therapists devoted to the highest level of care. New Dimensions took another bold step forward to insure that the focus was 100% on the patients, by stepping out of the traditional physical therapy model and designed the business as a private pay practice rather than contracting with insurance companies. While patients can still file their claims with their insurance for reimbursement, it allows all of the therapists time, energy and attention to be on patient care. Our contract is directly with our patients. These intentions continue to define the clinic today. New Dimensions Physical Therapy has been owned and operated by Rebecca Kern Steiner PT, OCS since 1998. She expanded the clinic’s mission to take the art and science of physical therapy to the next level. This included:

  • an applied understanding of the musculoskeletal system’s interrelatedness
  • advanced diagnostics to determine the underlying reason for a pain pattern.
  • detailed biomechanics assessments of reoccurring injuries
  • custom orthotics designed to improve the alignment of the body as a whole
  • skill in retraining accurate muscle recruitment patterns (for the sports-specific needs of athletes or functional movement needs of non-athletes)
  • a commitment to community educational outreach

Today, New Dimensions Physical Therapy offers a staff of therapists with various specialties who assist in meeting our patient’s needs. The success of the business continues to reflect New Dimension’s commitment to excellence.

Mission Statement

Taking our practice to the next level to by constantly learning, growing, and empowering ourselves with the capacity to provide the quickest, most lasting results possible. To master the art of meeting people where they are and helping them get to where they want to be at the pace that matches their needs. To help each person to be aware of how to address potential issues in their body so that they can experience the possibility of feeling their bodies improve with age. To recognize the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit when we guide our patients through their healing process.

Community Outreach

Free Injury Screenings

We invite you to have your injury evaluated and to receive recommendations on how to resolve it.

Date: Mondays

Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM (10 min per person)

Location: Luke’s Locker, 115 Sandra Muraida Drive, Suite 102, Austin, Texas 78703

Cost: Free (Must sign-up at Luke’s Locker in advance to reserve a spot.)

Phone: 512-482-8676

Running Biomechanics Analysis

New Dimensions PT is proud to offer 60 min one-on-one comprehensive running assessments for anyone looking to improve form, resolve current injuries, or prevent future ones.

Date: 2nd Tuesday of the month

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: Luke’s Locker, 115 Sandra Muraida Drive, Suite 102, Austin, Texas 78703

Cost: $65 (Must sign-up at Luke’s Locker and pay in advance by check or cash to reserve a spot.)

Phone: 512-482-8676

Seminars and Clinics


Dr. Ben Shook was invited to speak to the Ehlers Danlos group. He gave them information on the difference between over the counter verses custom orthotics. He shared with them how custom orthotics can be particularly helpful for people who have Ehlers Danlos as they provide stability and help give structural support to joints that have excessive laxity.

Rebecca Steiner was invited to speak at the USA Climbing Coaches Symposium in Atlanta Georgia on the Prevention and Treatment of Rock Climbing Injuries.