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Athletic Injuries

Rebecca has been fixing my climbing injuries and tweaks for years. There’s no one I would trust more with keeping my body in great condition to train and perform! She is extremely skilled, knowledgeable, kind, and professional and very sympathetic to my specific needs and goals. Regardless of whether it’s for a serious injury, minor strain or just general maintenance, I can’t recommend New Dimensions highly enough.

- Maya Madere, Rock Climber

Rebecca is a healer – both of body and spirit.

Her combination of Western and Eastern philosophical approaches, as well as her intuitive sense, have created a holistic, successful and unique healing program.

As a competitive triathlete, Rebecca helped me perform at my highest potential. I have witnessed Rebecca’s healing capacity not only in myself, but also in friends and colleagues, who leave their sessions with relief and freedom in their bodies that exceeds what they thought possible.

Rebecca’s wisdom, deep training, and experience are unparalleled. I encourage anyone living with pain to give yourself the gift of New Dimensions Physical Therapy.

Rebecca has been nothing short of magical for me over the last 20 years.

- Alexa L. Wesner, Triathlete & US Ambassador to Austria

Patricia Walsh

New Dimensions Physical Therapy took me from an injured state where I could not perform as an athlete to an triathlete who is current ranked #1 in the world for my division. Their dedication, holistic approach, and ongoing care made it possible for me to regain my quality of life and resume competitions as soon as possible. I am so grateful and thankful for their help as they fast tracked me back to good health.


- Patricia Walsh, Triathlete

Eloise Godfrey

A hole-in-one at 90 years—thank you New Dimensions for all your great care! You help me accomplish my goals. At 94, I am grateful that I can still be the designated driver for all of my friends!!!

- Eloise Godfrey, Austin, TX

Clayton Reagan

When I first walked in to New Dimensions Physical Therapy I could barely turn my head or lift any object over 5 pounds. The pain in my neck and back was overwhelming. Before visiting you clinic I had spent thousands of dollars on other options from chiropractics, massages, acupuncture, orthopedic surgeons and other physical therapists to no avail. Though it was tough for the first few weeks, the progress in my condition began to accelerate exponentially with every visit to NDPT. After 6 months on the couch eating ice cream and squandering thousands of dollars o other medical “professionals” and MRI’s, I was back climbing and wake boarding in 8 weeks after my first visit to New Dimensions.

The treatment that I received at your facility is the most comprehensive care that I have ever received. At no time was there any attempt to cover the pain or look for a “quick fix”. My condition was assessed immediately and I was put on a series of stretches and exercises that not only, relieved my pain, but fixed the problems in my back from the inside out. After my treatments were finished I still keep up with the posture and strengthening exercises that I learned at New Dimensions and I am now stronger, healthier, and have better posture than I have ever had in my entire life. It is a long fall from the top, but you guys helped me climb right back up!!

- Clayton Reagan, Rock Climber

Mac Allen

I have known Rebecca Kern Steiner for over ten years and am consistently amazed at how quickly she analyzes running related injuries and weaknesses. She thoroughly tests all angles and possibilities of the problem. Her talent again show in the efficient way she will resolve the injury or issue and reeducate the body to train at a high level. Her follow-up and continuing concern for her patients is outstanding.

Rebecca represents one of the best aspects of the Austin athletic community. Being an athlete herself, Rebecca understands the demands athletes place on the body and the desire to return to activity in a hurry. I have seen her work on entry-level and elite athletes, and she devotes all her energy to everyone she sees. I run marathons and coach runner as well, and I highly recommend Rebecca to my team and anyone in need of first-class physical therapy.

- Mac Allen, Running Coach

I wish I would have known about this place ages ago!! I was so discouraged that I had not seen any improvement after seeing so many different people to treat my hip pain, that I was close to giving up hope that I would be able to do all the things that I want to do.

I injured it seven years ago playing rugby, and I sought medical care in Texas, New Jersey, New York, and Washington DC and still didn’t have relief. After six weeks of working with the therapists at New Dimensions Physical Therapy, I was back to cycling and lifting weights and finally felt positive that I could return to swimming and running which I now have.

What I appreciate, is their approach which is not just treating symptoms but is getting to the root cause of my pain.

I wish I had known about this place first because if had, I would have come here straight away and saved myself a lot of time, money and misery. I would encourage everyone to come here first and get results!

- Anima Adjepong

Stephanie Renea

I could barely walk after a rock climbing accident. I had bulging discs in my back and a head injury and could only take a few steps a day because I was in so much pain. Most of my time was spent in bed, on ice and pain medication. This was my life for 3 months before I found New Dimensions Physical Therapy.

Not only did they help me heal, they got me back to doing triathlons within 2 years. Since then they have helped me whenever I get little aches and pains to include a full recovery from a helicopter skiing injury. I have seen medical practitioners all over the US and Canada as needed when I travel, and no where have I found a team so integrated and extensive in their training. Their skills are so broad and refined that everyone- from athletes to people in wheel chairs-can benefit from coming here. Thank you New Dimensions for helping me recover and enjoy all the things I love to do!

- Stephanie Renea, Austin, TX

A beautiful and caring practice. They have put me back together many times. They have always left me motivated and whole.

- Donald K Kelley MD

Due to your wonderful work, I was able to finish the Bandera 100K race this past weekend! I met my goal of finishing “comfortably”. This was my first ultra with your orthotics and they worked great. No IT band issues, no patella pain! Thank you so much for getting me back!

- Jim Balthazar, President & CEO Innovative Fluidics, Inc

I had been everywhere and done everything to treat my plantarfascitis and my New Dimensions therapist saw that it was coming from the alignment of my whole body – primarily my pelvis and spine. Within a couple visits my feet did not hurt any more. It feels so good to feel good!

- Shannon Schmitz, Austin, TX

Thank you for getting me injury-free to and through Ironman Australia! I completed three Ironman triathlons and couldn’t afford downtime due to injuries. I relied on the expertise of the therapists at New Dimensions and found them to have extensive knowledge, especially of sports-related biomechanics. Consequently I learned how to use my body more efficiently and to correct imbalances when they occurred. My completion times were better than I ever expected, and I remained injury-free both in training and the events. I attribute these results largely to the efforts of the New Dimensions staff. They want you to achieve your goals, regardless of whether it is to be pain-free or to finish an Ironman. New Dimensions Physical Therapy can help you get there.

- Penny Handsel, Austin, TX

On April 8, 2001 I finished Ironman Australia in 9 hours and 47 minutes. I then qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. This was my 8th Ironman, the first one since 1994. Last fall, when I decided to train for Ironman Australia, I started seeing Rebecca Kern Steiner from New Dimensions Physical Therapy. “Many things can make or break a successful Ironman training program. One of the most important aspects is to stay healthy and injury-free. I had problems with injuries when training for Ironman races in the past. The reason why I did not have any problems at all this year, when training for Australia, is Rebecca from New Dimensions. She has been fantastic, she analyzed my mechanical weaknesses and set up an exercise plan to strengthen the weak areas. Not only have I stayed injury-free the whole year, I also believe that I can continue to improve my Ironman performance through her program. Thank you again, Rebecca!

- Stephan Schwarze, Austin, TX

Since 1995, I have not been able to run more than 12 miles without injury. Determined to run the 2001 Motorola Marathon, I chose to receive physical therapy treatments at New Dimensions as I was building up my mileage. I began therapy five months prior to the marathon and throughout my training. Without the physical therapy I received at New Dimensions, I am convinced I would not have been successful in training for and completing the marathon. Unlike many physical therapy clinics, the physical therapists at New Dimensions provide one-on-one therapy sessions. In addition to their superior knowledge base, they show genuine empathy for their clients and concern for their welfare.

- Kathy Saucedo

Having been a runner for 17 years and training for my first marathon, I began to experience debilitating pain in my right foot. I went to New Dimensions Physical Therapy expecting them to confirm my suspicion that I would have to give up my goal. However, after video taping my running and analyzing my technique, one of the therapists was able to identify a neuroma and treated the area, which immediately relieved the source of pain. She also prescribed exercises and gave helpful information to keep from getting a repeat injury. Being a runner herself she was empathetic of my desire to reach my goal and was very encouraging of my attempts. I was extremely impressed with the staff’s attentiveness and effectiveness in treating my injury. I was able to run the marathon pain free. Thank you New Dimensions

- Shannon Ede

I am 44 years old and have been running regularly since high school. About 2 years ago I developed a problem in my right calf. After running for about 20 minutes, the muscle would give out and I’d limp home. After a very frustrating 6 months of this, I went to New Dimensions. I was filmed running on a treadmill and the problem was diagnosed literally, in seconds. My therapist made a small adjustment in my running stride and suggested some muscle strengthening exercises. Since then, I’ve been running, up to 9 miles a day, pain free. I’ve been so pleased that I recommend New Dimensions constantly to friends who also suffer from running injuries.

- Jamie McNally, Austin, TX

Chronic Pain

Lady Bird Johnson

Rebecca Kern Steiner has been my physical therapist, as I have moved through my eighth decade of life. She arrives with an aura of energy and life emanating from her. Even on days I resist exercising, I find myself infused with her enthusiasm as she takes me through the series of moves that help to strengthen me and alleviate the aches of arthritis, and yes old age! I admire Rebecca’s professionalism and think of her as a friend.

- Lady Bird Johnson, First Lady of the U.S.

I have had neck problems for years until it was finally addressed with surgery. Since that time, I have needed physical therapy to get total relief. In my experience with New Dimensions, I have found all personnel to be very professional and knowledgeable and totally satisfactory. A lot of tension has been relieved each time I have visited New Dimensions and the experience has been first class.

- Darrell Royal, UT Football Coach

Rebecca Rodriguez

I am a former dancer who spent over a decade living with old injuries sustained when I was a teenager. Subsequent injuries in my twenties prevented me from ever returning to dance. I felt defined by my chronic pain, my weakness, and my inabilities. The worst was my right knee injury, which just never seemed to heal. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t lean any weight on my right leg. And so I stayed that way, compensating in who knows how many ways to keep the pain at bay. I purposely took desk jobs, I stopped going to see live music unless there were seats, and exercising always seemed to bring about more pain and injuries. I became a weak and lazy lump of useless limbs and atrophied muscles. Over the course of 10 years, I consulted various orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, personal trainers and chiropractors with little or no results.

- Rebecca Rodriguez, Filmmaker

Janis McCullough

I am now of the age that I could stand in a permanent line at the store where they hand out joint replacements! I had walked with a cane for several years since I had both knees replaced & a spinal fusion of L3-4. Over the course of those years, I have worked with many physical therapists. From the moment I hobbled into New Dimensions last year, not only did I feel positive vibes but I felt I was in the presence of something significantly different. Rebecca Steiner took one look at me, made a video of my walking (living proof!) & did a more complete evaluation than I’ve ever received from anyone, including many years of doctors & physical therapists. The first thing she & Ben Shook did for me was to straighten out my crooked knees that had never gotten their full extension after replacement. Ten years had passed since my first knee surgery, so their work made a Believer out of me! With brute force, deep tissue manual therapy, excellent counseling from them & ongoing work on my part, I have now been able to walk without a cane for the past 12 months! Since that time, they have helped me with my posture & balance, my gait, my back issues, my stiff neck, my arthritic thumb joints & most recently, my torn rotator cuff. (see Dry Needling) This is the most innovative & unique place with which I’ve had the pleasure of working. Best of All, the End Result is Success! That is hard to beat.

- Janis McCullough, Austin, Texas

I have seen lots of therapists to treat my hips and no one could help me walk as quickly, gently and without pain as you did. It was a miracle. There is no one in New York like you guys.

- Karen Allen, New York

Being with you is an invitation to heal from the inside out.  It is a journey to realign the body, unlock the mind and rest in the wisdom of the spirit and heart.  What you do is a deeper healing than I can explain.

You are like a doula for the rebirth of the being—opening me to the wonder of my own strength and courage to be who I am meant to be.  There is an alchemy that happens when your hands meet my body—you touch and transform with your deep intuitive wisdom.

Birth-rebirth-of mind, body, and spirit are not easy- but there is something absolutely amazing about being in your presence, feeling your heart so fully engaged that allows for safety, trust and gentle courage to open.  It is an enormous process of letting go that you facilitate — letting go of who I was that did not serve me — old patterns -physical and emotional…and in the letting go I also step into power, beauty, and a sense of being so much more than I used to be.

With your magic you allow a transformation that is bigger than even my dreams.

So much gratitude,

- Geeta

Debbie Grunska

New Dimensions provides a caring, holistic, and totally unique approach to physical therapy. They don’t just supervise your exercise program — they are very hands-on, manipulating muscles, tendons, and ligaments; allowing you to do most of your exercises at home, which maximizes your recovery. They are also very knowledgeable and are constantly continuing their education and learning new techniques to the benefit of their patients. I highly recommend New Dimensions to anyone who is in pain.

- Debbie Grunska, Austin, TX

Rebecca Is an exceptional physical therapist, with an extreme range and depth of knowledge. She evaluates your problem with a wholistic perspective, and is always gaining additional training to increase her effectiveness and skills. She is enthusiastic, positive, high-energy, caring and compassionate.

- Sandra Simon, Austin

I have an undiagnosed condition affecting my connective tissue and nervous system. It’s been a long and difficult battle but I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Rebecca and New Dimensions

- Lisa Soukup, Baltimore, MA

My first therapy session at New Dimensions followed a prolonged period of constant pain, caused by sciatica. I was distressed, but also skeptical about any possibility of release from my misery. Very shorty, I started to turn the corner, with my therapy having a high impact on my condition. A combination of work by my therapist and following an individually prescribed set of exercises, resulted in the pure and simple pleasure of a pain-free lifestyle. Not only was I cured, I also have a greatly enhanced awareness of my physical self, which is an enduring gift.

- Henry Olejnik, Austin, TX

I suffered agonizing back pain for two years before seeking physical therapy. I was under the assumption nobody could fully recover from a back injury. New Dimensions proved that assumption false. In just one short year, I have gone from a state of daily pain to being almost fully recovered. The real proof of how strong my back has become came six months after I began my therapy, when I was in a serious car accident. My back was not hurt. New Dimensions intense dedication to every patient’s health and well being is rare in today’s world. I’ve never met anyone who is more in love with their job than my therapist. New Dimensions made me feel like family, not just a patient.

- Melissa Taylor, Austin, TX

For more than six years, I have been a patient of New Dimensions. Over the years, my therapist never gave up on me. I was slow on the uptake, but now after following her suggestions for years, I am at least 80% free of chronic pain I’d had for about 35 years. Her persistence reflects a deep understanding of her own profession, of human nature, and most of all individual need. In great measure, I owe my active life to New Dimensions.

- Judy Hamlin, PhD

I am 40 and physically active, but I would awake each morning feeling stiff and much older than my years. With the help of my physical therapist, I learned to make some simple changes in my sleeping position. The relief was immediate! Now I wake up feeling rested instead of wrung out. The education and encouragement I’ve gotten at New Dimensions has improved my quality of life, both at rest and tat play. I highly recommend them.

- Dr. Laura Ebady


Alice George

Although not an Austin resident, I have found the trip to Austin to be treated at New Dimensions PT to be well worth the effort. Since first seeing Rebeca in 2001 for an orthotics evaluation, I return several times each year to address specific issues, and to enhance the excellent physical therapy I receive at home. Beyond her detailed knowledge and understanding of the body, Rebecca demonstrates a strong desire for patients to achieve their goals, and uses her unique ability to pinpoint the root cause of a problem to achieve a lasting solution. Rebecca is clearly enthusiastic about how incredible the human body is, and that enthusiasm boils over into her ability to use and share her knowledge in a way that not only quickly resolves pain and performance issues, but also helps prevent future problems. Rebecca brings to the solution whatever resources are needed, from videotaping a treadmill run to point out form issues, consulting with other therapists in the clinic regarding their specialties, utilizing the many physical therapy techniques she is skilled in, or simply pointing out how a life situation could be contributing to a physical problem. Rebecca shares in the pain and the joy of overcoming obstacles, and has been a great encouragement and help to me as I have built a string of consecutive marathon PR’s and qualified for Boston multiple times since working with her and my “home” PT. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding treatment of the whole person, will keep me making the trip to Austin and New Dimensions PT on a regular basis.

- Alice George, Marathoner

When I first came to New Dimensions I had no hope of running because I had injured my Achillies’ Tendon and had been in intense pain for several years. Rebecca identified that there was a problem with my foot mechanics causing strain to my Achillies’ tendon. She recommended that I try orthotics and after I began running with the orthotics she designed, I was able to train and run injury free for a whole year. Recently, I re-injured my Achillies’ again because I raced without my orthotics. That made me even more sure that it was these devices that made the difference for me I am amazed at how well Rebecca understands the body and is able to find a solution to every problem. She has been able to instill joy and hope in me whenever I have been injured. Making orthotics is what Rebecca is known for but her skill also lies in rehabilitating injuries. There have been times when I have come in with an intense pain in my hamstring and she was able to relieve in less than an hour. She is an amazing physical therapist and I would recommend her to any friend. She does what she does because she truly comes from the heart and wants to help people.

- Gilbert Tuhabonye, Running Coach

Corinne Irwin

Before I met Rebecca, I had given up on being physically active at all. I had survived and was recovering from what was close to a terminal illness.

My shoulder hurt to carry books at school, both of my feet hurt perpetually, and I had blown out my knees and left ankle from running on payment. It really hurt to just walk around my house. I started with a personal trainer to regain my strength when he noticed some mechanical issues in my legs that were contributing to my lack of power and strength. He suggested that I see Rebecca, and he went with me to watch her assessment. She built my custom orthotics and started working on other physical issues to improve my biomechanics. For the first time since my illness, I was able to do a complete heel raise with my full body weight. That gave me hope that maybe one day I could run again. At that point, I was just happy to walk. I have been pain free and physically active for several years now!!! I walk many miles per week in the comfort of my orthotics, and I also work out at a cross- fit gym several times per week. I can even run a little bit on a soft surface. I am so happy that I can exercise again!! There is no way that I could be doing anything physical including walking across my home without Rebecca’s orthotics and physical therapy. It is a miracle, and I am so grateful to her!!!

- Corinne Irwin, Owner of Mariposa Math Tutoring

A thousand thanks to New Dimensions for my new orthotics. I have new energy for an active life. I am able to stand for hours on end working in the kitchen or cutting fabric. The aching in legs, feet and back are gone. Long walks without discomfort are again possible. The orthotics that Rebecca fitted for me are the single best improvement in physical well being that I’ve ever experienced.

- Lola Jennings, 73 year-old in Austin, TX

I just wanted to give everyone at New Dimensions a thank you so much for helping me with my feet and alignment issues. The last outstanding issue – my bone spur – finally resolved itself, and I’ve now had two-plus weeks of feeling completely normal (which has been something I haven’t truly experienced since I was in high school roughly thirty years ago). I really seem to be getting stronger and stronger. I even managed to run the 4.25 miles which is something I would never have even contemplated attempting before seeing you. It is fantastic being pain-free, and I owe it to the expertise of you and your amazing team at New Dimensions. Thank you!!

- Susan Black Thickett

So many times I have wished I lived closer to Austin so I could more frequently utilize the services of New Dimensions Physical Therapy. I feel my therapist is more mindful of everything going on in my body, not just the initial problem I was having with my feet. I’ve seen many doctors and physical therapists and not one of them have ever called to see how I was progressing. Rebecca not only has cooled to check on how the orthotics are working out, she also is convened about my overall health. In addition to Rebecca’s professionalism, she shows s commitment and dedication unlike any other physical therapist I’ve worked with before. My feet feel great! And, I’ll continue to go to Austin for my orthotic needs and any problems I incur with my feet.

- Joseph Soto, Jr, San Antonio, TX

I had 7 MRI’s to determine what was wrong with my left hip—to determine why it was so weak and painful. No one could figure it out. Now, with my orthotics from New Dimensions, I can run 50 miles per week and train for marathons with no pain anywhere in my body.

- Muna Mitchell, Austin, TX

A leading physical therapist who treats world class runners in Seattle, washinton asked the company he uses to manufacture orhtotics for patients, to recommend the best person in Texas to make orthotics and treat foot and ankle issues. They recommended Rebecca Kern Steiner at New Dimensions Physical Therapy in Austin without reservation and acknowledged her skill and dedication to her clients.

- Brion Gluck, MD, El Paso, TX

Performance/Injury Prevention

My husband and I both had successful 1/2 marathons last winter. We had a great time preparing and racing. Thank you, for your expert instruction. We both feel like our running has come a long way in the last year and we are free of injuries thanks to you. I sing your praises often!

- Ali Bennett, Physical Therapist

Beth Lee

With deep gratitude I can say I have found a ‘Physical’ Therapist who not only addresses the physical aspects of the body but the energetics of my Being as a whole. Rebecca’s truly good intention alongside her ability to focus deeply yields a uniquely powerful gift.

- Beth Lee, Yoga and Qigong Teacher

I finished my 1st marathon in 4:07!  And I owe it all to you!  It would not have even possible without my expertly crafted orthotics or my attention to proper mechanics and the importance of overall body strength.  The training is more fun than the race but I have signed up to run the Chicago 2018  with my husband . I can’t thank you enough for keeping me active!

- Lauren Neugebauer

Pre/Post Surgery

I have had my neck problem for years. It was finally solved by surgery. Since that time, I have needed physical therapy to get total relief. In my experience with New Dimensions I have found all personnel to be very professional and knowledgeable and totally satisfactory. A lot of tension has been relieved each time I have visited New Dimensions, The experience has been first class.

- Darrell Royal

Lacy Weeks

I came to Rebecca after I had explored all other resources. Since graduating from college in 2009, I had been battling a painful hip injury that kept me form playing the sport I love, golf. As a young athlete, I was stubborn and though I could fix myself…boy was I wrong! Thanks to Rebecca, I got a second opinion on my hip and the orthopedic surgeon declared that I had a torn labrum. I had hip surgery in January 2013, and I am feeling better than ever!

- Lacy Weeks, Strength Coach and Golfer

Putting it simply, I’m grateful. Grateful that I was referred to New Dimensions Physical Therapy to deal with some complex physical challenges. These include a broken hip, a shattered shoulder and an overlay of mild scoliosis that I’d had since childhood. Rebecca Steiner and her able team of therapists tackled each of these from their considerable base of education and practical experience. A thoughtful balance of strengthening, structural adjustment, therapeutic massage and educational counsel have made a tremendous difference in my recoveries and have given me the knowledge to develop my own fitness regimen. New Dimensions therapists are among the best I’ve ever experienced. Rebecca models the highest standards in professionalism and expects no less from her staff. They are well-trained professionals who are constantly adding to their knowledge base to benefit their clients. They do what they do very well. However, they are quick to refer to other top specialists when the client might benefit. They introduced me to a nutritionist, lymph specialist, personal trainer and orthotics expert to make sure that I had all the resources to meet my specific needs. I am grateful for New Dimensions.

- Dan Bullock, Writer, Speaker, Community Leader

Janis McCullough

I had a large tear in my right rotator cuff this Spring. I was in a great deal of pain & everything I did in everyday functioning inflamed it more. After getting my diagnosis from a Shoulder Specialist, I was destined for surgery. The Doctor gave me a steroid injection & prescribed 4-6 weeks of physical therapy before setting up my surgical appointment. I had been working with Rebecca & Ben at New Dimensions on other problems. Rebecca suggested Dry Needling 2x/wk with Ben. I did not understand what Dry Needling was but must admit, I was rather doubtful such a thing could help me.

After several weeks of this treatment, I am happy to report that the inflammation is gone & I am into the strengthening stage with exercises for my arm/shoulder. These Professional Magicians at New Dimensions have helped me to avoid surgery & I am eternally grateful!

- Janis McCullough, Austin, TX

My orthopedic surgeon called you, Rebecca, a “joint whisperer”. My ankle and shoulder definitely agree!! Thank you for all your enthusiasm, encouragement, and expertise. You are the best at what you do, you have the most contagious personality and you never give less than 110%. The more you help me unravel, the better person I become inside and out. Thank you for working with me.

- Lee Nunn, Austin, TX

My pain from a post-surgical headache was gone after one visit at New Dimensions. After struggling with chronic sinus infections for most of my life, I finally tried surgery. I awoke in the recovery room with the worst headache I’ve ever experienced. It plagued me for two weeks, and the surgeon couldn’t figure out the cause. The pain became less intense over time, but persisted. Over the next four months, I met with several more doctors in Connecticut and New York. I had an MRI and other tests but doctors could not diagnose the cause or help reduce my pain. Years ago when I lived in Houston, New Dimensions helped me get rid of low back pain by designing orthotics for my running shoes, so I thought maybe they could solve this puzzle. In a single two-hour session, my physical therapist identified that the headache was caused by residual problems from being intubated during the sinus surgery. At the end of the session, the pain was gone. So are my sinus infections.

- T.A., Connecticut

My experience at New Dimensions Physical Therapy has been fantastic. I travel from Monterrey, Mexico which is a 7 to 8 hour drive to receive treatment and it is absolutely worth it. I had knee pain that prevented me from being able to do the things I love such as hiking, climbing, Yoga, and Pilates. I have an alignment problem in my leg that required surgery. Much of the pain I had before surgery was relieved by the orthotics and physical therapy that I received at New Dimensions.

After surgery, I received therapy for 5 months with my surgeon’s physical therapist but I was still very weak and painful. I therefore, returned to New Dimensions and I feel that my body is in good hands. They are working very hard to help my leg and knee recover. They are also working with my hips and back which is great because I didn’t know how much the alignment of my hips and spine are related to my knee pain. Now I can already feel my whole body becoming a lot stronger and I feel confident that I will be able to do the sports that I love to do. Thank you everyone at New Dimensions!

- Connie Caitlin, Monterey, Mexico

Through two difficult spinal injuries; first an extremely debilitating lumbar disc herniation and then a painful whiplash after being rear-ended by a drunk driver –I’ve relied on the wonderful therapists at New Dimensions to jump-start my recovery and help get me back to a normal level of functioning. And they haven’t let me down yet.

These people are so highly skilled and experienced. Sometimes I’m just amazed at all the things they know how to do to help you get better fast. Even after the first session, I felt results that made a real difference in the quality of my life. Plus, everybody at New Dimensions is so friendly and supportive, you feel like you have the whole team behind you in addition to your own terrific one-on-one therapist.

Today, I’m able to work, play, and take care of my family with strength and vitality that wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent care I’ve received at New Dimensions. Would I recommend them? Absolutely! They certainly worked wonders for me!

- Shelley Anderson

When I found that I had to have knee surgery, I chose New Dimensions for the follow- up physical therapy. The staff at New Dimensions is not only professional and effective, but also caring and mindful. I have been very happy with my choice, and my knee is doing very well.

- Lisa Tipps

After injuring her shoulder in a boating accident in 2003, Catherine had surgery followed by four months of physical therapy three times per week. Her pain persisted and started placing limitations on her lifestyle. An avid athlete, she was unable to swim, play tennis, or lift weights. She experienced interrupted sleep and a sense of sadness that was inconsistent with her normal disposition. After extensive physical therapy she was told that she had reached a plateau and her only alternative was a second surgery.

Prior to undergoing that process, she asked her physical therapist who her mentor was and learned about Rebecca Kern Steiner at New Dimensions Physical Therapy. She consulted with Rebecca and began a twice a week program in June. After one month she reports, “I have improved my range of motion, mobility and strength. I am seeing improvements and actually feel better. What I really like is that the New Dimensions Physical Therapists work as a team. All are extremely talented, but together they are able to address tissue, joint mobility and aquatic therapy. I value the quality one-on-on time I get there and the fact that they look at the whole body and other variables that can contribute to my improvement.

The therapists really understand how to work with me. They give me very manageable, articulate instructions on how to do exercises on my own — and not too many at one time. They know how to get my brain to talk to my muscles.

I’m going to submit my bills to the instance company when I’m finished. But this is worth every penny I’m spending because they are helping me to become well. In fact, New Dimensions Physical Therapy is giving me back my lifestyle.

- Catherine MacDermott