Steiner Method

This approach sees the musculoskeletal system as a window into a deeper understanding as to what is needed for every individual to achieve wholeness, health and balance.

Integrated holistic healing

The Steiner Method integrates the science and art of healing. It is unique to traditional approaches because it fundamentally recognizes that when someone has a physical injury it affects all dimensions of their being. Furthermore, it recognizes that impacts to any aspect of ourselves whether it be emotional or spiritual can manifest in physical pain.

This understanding is backed by the skills and experience required to address the complexity of an injury that has not responded to traditional care. 

The Steiner Method first identifies the underlying factors that are limiting the body’s innate capacity to heal itself. It accomplishes this through diagnostic manual muscle testing where the wisdom of your body leads the way to uncover what specifically needs treatment to restore ease and pain-free movement to the body.

In treatment, we ensure that every division of each and every muscle in your body can be recruited by applying the specific techniques that your body reveals it needs to bring each division of every muscle back “on line” so that it can be strengthened.

Next, we use BioActivationSM to restore alignment, joint mobility, and soft tissue flexibility. In addition to manual therapy, we use BioActive MyomechanicsSM.  This is a unique approach to biomechanics training, strengthening and neuromotor education that is critical in preventing your injury and pain from reoccurring.

Because the Steiner Method addresses the body as a whole, the changes are integrated and lasting. Ultimately, the Steiner Method allows you to feel better in your body as you age and reclaim living a life you love.

Healing Retreat

If you would like to experience the Steiner Method in a deeply focused environment, we invite you to join us at one of our healing retreats hosted by the Steiner Institute where you can immerse yourself in healing, renewing, and heart-opening energy. To learn more, please visit our Healing Retreat page on the Steiner Institute website.

“Rebecca’s multidisciplinary wisdom and experience are quite remarkable. She integrated her Somatic Experiencing skills in such an artful way.”

– Maggie Kline, Author & Senior International Faculty Member at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute