We are honored to be part of so many people’s healing journey and are extremely thankful to all our patients who have shared their experiences.

Clayton Reagan headshot.

Clayton Reagan

Rock Climber

“The treatment that I received at your facility is the most comprehensive care that I have ever received.”

Rebecca Rodriguez headshot.

Rebecca Rodriguez


“As I finally stepped into a pain-free existence, my whole life got better too.”

Janis McCullough


“This is the most innovative & unique place with which I’ve had the pleasure of working. Best of all, the end result is Success! “

Janis McCullough headshot.
Silhouetted palm trees at sunset.

Karen Allen

Patient from New York

“I have seen lots of therapists to treat my hips and no one could help me walk as quickly, gently and without pain as you did. It was a miracle.”

Palm trees and blue sky.

Lisa Soukup

Patient from Baltimore, MA

“Her heart and soul are about healing. She truly cares about your success.”

Tish Moore


“Rebecca Steiner is not your average PT – this woman is a healer!”

Tish Moore headshot.

Alice George


“Beyond her detailed knowledge and understanding of the body, Rebecca demonstrates a strong desire for patients to achieve their goals.”

Alice George headshot.

Corinne Irwin

Owner of Mariposa Math Tutoring

“There is no way that I could be doing anything physical including walking across my home without Rebecca’s orthotics and physical therapy. It is a miracle, and I am so grateful to her!!!”

Rocks and plants overlooking a beach.
Lesa Sullins headshot.

Lesa Sullins


“Rebecca is a magician of a healer and an impeccable human being.”

Lacy Weeks headshot.

Lacy Weeks

Strength Coach and Golfer

“She has given me a new lease on life and the ability to play golf again pain free!!”

Catherine MacDermott


“New Dimensions Physical Therapy is giving me back my lifestyle.”

Black sand beach.